Backup and Disaster

Worried about Your Data, or Your Clients’ Data? Even if you haven’t asked yourself these questions but store data, then a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a must.

Maybe you think you are doing fine and that your company is too small to worry about such concerns, but something as simple as hard drive failure can truly set you back. Any company that has not recently updated their backup system or is still using media that needs to be taken off-site manually should definitely consider discussing the benefits of a modern Backup and Disaster recovery solution.

ABLE’s solution is specifically designed and priced for small to medium local businesses.

During business hours, ABLE executes 15-minute incremental backups. This allows us to recover files or a complete server to a point in time that best meets your needs. For example, if you realize you overwrote a file 35 minutes ago, we can get it back from that point in time. If a server fails, the most they lose is 15 minutes of employee productivity instead of the entire day back to the last nightly backup.

ABLE looks at backup as one part of a full disaster recovery plan.

We backup to our data center, allowing us to have a copy immediately available in an emergency. Many of our competitors backup to a cloud provider and they might not mention that it can take 48 hours or more to pull the server image down over the Internet. In that situation you are left waiting in limbo to address your important business needs, which cannot be completed until the IT company resolves the situation. We can take your image and mount it immediately or copy it to temporary hardware and drop it to your location within a few hours.

Other IT companies’ solutions are monitored completely by automated processes. ABLE has automated monitoring but we also check every backup on a daily basis during the business week to ensure everything is functioning properly in your system.

Other IT companies either do not test backup systems or do some sort of automatic test. Twice a year, we use real world testing to back up your system by restoring the backup to a working server and testing it.

If a file restore is needed during business hours, we have it done within minutes. Other companies often take at a full day to restore a file.

Luck is not a strategy when it comes to hoping your data and your systems are safe. You need to have protections in place if something should go wrong. Give Brian Minker a call today at 856 266-9740 or email him at to find out what Backup and Disaster solutions are available.


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