Cloud Computing

ABLE will help you decide if the Cloud is something that is right for your business and what solution best matches your company.

The first question you might ask is what is cloud computing? In a nutshell, it is using a network of remote servers to store and manage data. Now that you know what it is, you might be asking yourself, do I need it?

ABLE has consultants who can discuss with you if cloud computing is appropriate for your business and the type of solution that fits you, whether it be a public, private, or a hybrid system.

ABLE helps small and mid-sized companies find the best combination of local and cloud computing solutions to fit their business needs.

In terms of certifications and expertise, ABLE has earned the Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competencies and are experts at moving email systems of all types to Office 365/ Microsoft Hosted Exchange email system.

ABLE has clients that range from having no cloud computing services to a mixture of cloud based and local solutions to fully integrated cloud based systems. As such, ABLE knows how best to leverage cloud computing for your business. Let us help you through the process.

Want to find out more about Cloud Computing and if it is right for your company? Give ABLE’s Brian Minker a call today at 856 266-9740 or email him at





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