Data Backup and Disaster Recovery have grown and evolved tremendously in the last few years.  Despite these improvements, many still believe that their good old tape drive is adequate in protecting their business’ most critical data.  What most don’t realize is the hidden costs and effort required to bring a company back from a disaster, when all that is left is a backup tape.

Backup tapes only contain your files.  They are stored in no particular order and are not enough to bring a server back online quickly.  If there were a major disaster that resulted in the loss of your building or servers, it would be no small task to get the business back to a functional state.  Some key actions needed would be to first purchase a new tape drive, since yours was lost in the disaster.  These can cost upwards of $5,000.  Next a new server would need to be ordered, delivered, and setup with the proper server Operating System.  Then the long, tedious process of installing all applications and restoring data back over top of them begins.  This can take days and many thousands of dollars to get right.

If this sounds crazy to you, you are right.  Luckily, there are better ways to protect yourself.

Able Technology Partners LLC’s Backup and Disaster Recover Solution leverages image based backups with both on-site and off-site data storage.  Image based backups are superior to file based backups as they contain a “picture” of your server from any given point in time.  In the event of a catastrophic failure, we can take that image and boot it up on a temporary server at your site or on a virtual server in our data center.  Your business will be back up and running in a fraction of the time, leaving you to focus on the issue at hand, and not your network.

This can be accomplished in less than a day, rather than a week, and can be left this way for up to a month or more.  That gives plenty of time to asses the situation and make educated decisions on how to move forward.  With your server running at our data center, employees can work from home, a hotel, or pretty much anywhere with an internet connection while the business rebuilds and regroups.

Able Technology Partners LLC’s Backup and Disaster Recover Solution is sized and priced to benefit Small and Medium Sized Businesses.  Our solution takes your focus away from your technology in the event of a disaster and lets you focus on the rest of your business.  Contact us today at 856-266-9740 to setup your free evaluation and see how we can help you sleep a little bit easier.