Managed IT Services

Are you spending more time worrying about IT than focusing on your business?

ABLE provides 24/7 monitoring, regular maintenance, and live, real-time call support — all at an affordable fixed monthly price.

We’ll keep your network running smoothly.

avg. downtime events per month

A recent survey of 400 mid-to-large-sized companies showed that each had an average of 5 downtime events per month*. But ABLE Technology Partners LLC’s Managed IT Services can help you and your staff avoid the roadblocks caused by nagging computer issues. We monitor your network, proactively resolve issues, and handle all patching, testing, and backups. Most importantly, we are here for you when you have questions — live answering all calls during business hours and often resolving issues while the caller is still on the phone.

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 monitoring of servers, workstations, and essential services
  • Resolution of many issues before they impact end-users
  • Quick response to technology issues – often immediately via remote access
  • Assistance with all technology-related purchases
  • Regular maintenance for improved network efficiency, resulting in more productivity from staff
  • Managed deployment of tested security updates and patches
  • Enterprise anti-virus and remote access software
  • Priority service in an emergency
  • A fixed monthly price
  • Reduced pricing for projects

Get back to focusing on your business — with ABLE’s Managed IT Services.​

…and boost your productivity!