Luck may be needed during a hand of poker or a spin of a roulette wheel, but it should never be relied upon in a data backup strategy. Regular testing and assessing your backup strategy is just as important as having a backup strategy.

As a business grows and changes, the same backup may no longer fit the same business’s needs. When initially evaluating a backup strategy, a nightly backup of the server, and once a week backup of QuickBooks, may fit a two person start up with a few daily transactions. The unluckiest case would be a disaster that happened right before the weekly QuickBooks and before the nightly backup. The recovery would require recreating any work on the server from the past day and all transactions in QuickBooks from the past week. This is probably not an insurmountable task for a two-person company, but what if they grew over the past few years and now have multiple people in QuickBooks and significantly more transactions? This could be a business ending event at worst and a significant impact to revenue at the very least.

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