While there are many factors that can impact the ease of migrating an office staff to working from home, the majority of businesses find it an easy transition when properly orchestrated by a qualified technology partner.

There are a few things to consider:

Hardware – Are you providing computers for your work from home staff? If not, does their home computer have the resources to handle the task? Do they have or need multiple monitors to be productive?

Internet – Does your staff have adequate internet at home? Do they have children that may be doing internet intensive tasks like watching YouTube or gaming that may impact your home users experience? Does the office have adequate internet to handle the traffic of the remote users?

Security – Will your staff be using home computers to connect to your company network that may have outdated anti-virus or security patches, and can the risk be mitigated? Should the remote staff have the ability to print and/or save company files at home? Is any auditing of access needed either as a safeguard or to meet compliance of some sort?

Communication – Does your staff need to regularly communicate with each other, and do you already have a solution in place? Will they need office phones at home and does your current phone system support remote phones?

Productivity – How will you track if the work from home staff is making good use of their time? Do you currently have a time tracking procedure, or will their work output suffice?

HR – How will you enforce and track their work and break times? Do you have users that will be working from another state that may impact your company’s payroll tax requirements when they move to working from home?

Human Nature – Some personality types work very well from home while others find their home too distracting or need the separation of work and relax space. Are you willing to lose a previously productive employee if they cannot adjust to working from home? Can some remain working from the office?

There are many things to consider when moving staff to work from home. However, we’ve moved many clients staff during the COVID-19 crisis and while it can be daunting, we’ve generally found that with proper preparation and setting of expectations, the move can be fairly stress free for the business owner.

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