Some of the best suspense building parts of a horror movie are when someone slowly looks behind something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a door, a tree, or the backseat of a car; you know something is waiting for them and it’s most likely……. bad.

Unfortunately, the world of technology, has become just as spooky. Every email must be looked at like a “Spooky Cyber Criminal” is behind it. You may not know, but they could already be hiding in your computer or mobile device you are reading this on. The statistics are chilling!!! Since the COVID-19 outbreak, cybercrimes have increased almost 300%. New and harder to detect attacks called supply chain attacks have increased by significantly. Cyber criminals are not only targeting big businesses, but small and medium businesses as well.

Always make sure you are safe, especially this Halloween season by doing the basics. Provide cyber security training to your staff, be sure you have next generation anti-virus with monitoring, pay for high quality SPAM filtering, and consider a cyber security audit. If all else fails, make sure you have Cyber Liability Insurance coverage and a good backup solution. If you are unaware cyber security plan or cyber liability insurance, contact your IT provider, if you don’t have one contact ABLE Technology Partners.  It will always be scary, but make sure to be better prepared than the jock in the horror movies.