Pre-Cloud Computing, local servers dominated both businesses, small and large. We are often asked if they are still needed and the answer is, “it’s complicated”.

Most businesses will find that local servers, that are not utilized for as many tasks as in the past, are still a necessity. Requirements of some industries specific software’s, sharing of very large files between a team, local workstation security and control, along with cost savings, are all reasons we still see local servers in businesses, even if they do most of their work in the Cloud. This is referred to as a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

While local servers are by no means going extinct, there are situations where an all-cloud infrastructure works. Good examples are industries where workforces are spread apart geographically and have well developed cloud applications that encompass their entire technology need. Having salespeople work from home in different parts of the world to handle different languages and time zones is a perfect example. By utilizing a cloud product like Salesforce, their entire job from prospecting, lead generation, account management, and follow up can all be done in one well designed and customized platform; no local server required.

As more industry specific cloud applications are developed and perfected, we will see a continued shift to the Cloud, but local servers are not going away as quickly as many predicted. To learn more about how your industry may benefit from either approach, contact your IT provider or if you do not have one contact me or (856) 266-9740 x101.

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