Nine years ago this month, George Davis IV and I started a new chapter in our lives, recognizing a need for a customer focused technology support company. We set out to help small business owners reach their goals while also satisfying our own. It all started with a new company named ABLE Technology Partners LLC and a set of principles that we still follow today.

  • Have knowledgeable technicians answer support calls, not a gatekeeper that evaluates severity and assigns ticket numbers. No one wants to jump through hoops when they need help.
  • Always be cognizant of our customers employees time when solving their technology problems. The time end-users spent on technology issues represents lost revenue and wasted salary for our customers and we must keep it to a minimum.
  • Find the best solution, not the solution that we know well or has a good margin. Our customers are not cookie-cutter, so we won’t be either.
  • Always do the right thing for the customer, be honest, and build trust. It’s always easier to work together if we trust each other.
  • Don’t hold customers hostage and don’t sell solutions that make it hard for them to leave. Customers should stay with us because they trust and value us, not because of fear or uncertainty.
  • Give back. Support local charities and civic groups with time, talent, and money.
  • Have fun. We spend way too much of our lives at work to not enjoy that time too.

Based on our continued growth and near zero customer attrition, these principles have guided us well. We want our valued partner companies to know how much we appreciate the trust they put in us to safeguard what is possibly their biggest assets- their data and their employee’s ability to work efficiently. We look forward to many more years watching our partner companies grow with us.


Brian Minker Partner – ABLE Technology Partners LLC