I want to thank you all for getting me up and running. I appreciate that you were able to schedule me so quickly. John was great, he was quiet, efficient, and really knows his stuff. I had a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed, and he did it all. Thanks again! If anyone asks you for a referral, please give them my name and phone number. I will be happy to do so. So often, people just hear the bad stuff. As a business owner myself, I think it is important to let others know that they did a great job and are appreciated!!!

Paula Robinson, ESQ - Robinson Law LLC

The staff at ABLE are extremely professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate their timely responses to all of our IT issues and needs. Having them onboard has helped lighten the load of our staff and made our work more efficient. The ABLE team is very appreciated by our entire staff.

John Heenan - International Union of Operating Engineers

Able Technology approached us several years ago, to discuss being an outsourced IT department. We’re a small company and finding one person to handle the myriad issues that present in IT is not just difficult but also expensive, should we actually find that skilled candidate. With Able Technology, we have that “person” – a team of knowledgeable, qualified and responsive staff that addresses hardware and software issues, as well as providing guidance and support for us as we grow. It’s a valuable financially- and strategically- astute partnership for us.

Mary Gordon- Centryco

We have successfully worked with ABLE as our IT Partner since 2013 and we have been very happy with the service, response, and knowledge we received with ABLE. In working closely with many of the Team Members of ABLE, we have taken on many IT issues, from minor tasks of installing a program on an individual computer, to maintaining and updating our various servers as well as managing our exchange and email services. Everyone is very courteous and respectful, and we always work together to accomplish the task.

Able’s team have even called me on a weekend when they felt there was an issue due to power outages They have even met me at the office early mornings when I have asked to get something done before staff arrive to minimize down time. We have a valued relationship and I thank you for your service over these many years.

Colleen Caruso – Begley Law Group , PC

My experience with ABLE IT has been nothing short of great since I first was recommended to them back in early 2019. George and his staff came out to my office and identified some areas that needed to be addressed and developed a game plan to get them done. I’ve always had a great experience when I call customer service and have a question or issue that needs to be addressed. They do it professionally and with integrity and always get the issue resolved. Also, I’ve had an issue with a hardware issue (bad memory chip) with my main PC that ABLE IT took care of at no charge and did it in record time. I appreciate ABLE IT and their professionalism!

Edward Forker- Forker & Associates, LLC/ Tax Solvers

Our firm has been using Able Technology for a number of years now, and we really could not live without them. We call them with every sort of issue – from the smallest (how do i find this document on my computer?) to the biggest (is it time for an upgrade on our systems?). It feels very much like having a IT guy in-house. Their techs are knowledgeable, patient, and responsive. We get a sense of comfort that they are able to monitor from their office what is happening inside our office. While most of what they do is done remotely, they will come into our office whenever needed for any hardware or installation issues. They are a top-notch, first-rate, professional firm.

Richard Schall - Schall & Barasch, LLC

The staff at ABLE has helped me and several clients out of difficult emergency situations with quick computer repairs, data recovery, and networking issues. They have the ability to diagnose and explain complicated issues and solutions very simply; giving me the ability to make the right choice confidently. They have also advised me on the purchase of equipment and software that has served me and my clients perfectly.

Mark N.

We have been with Able Technology Partners for over 10 years. The employees at ABLE are extremely responsive to our needs and are knowledgeable and receptive to our phone calls. A great thing about ABLE is that they have employees that have been around for a long time, so it’s nice to hear a trusted voice with the ability to explain solutions in a manner that lay person can understand and follow.

During multiple weather events, ABLE set up a remote workplace for our firm, without that we may have lost a segment of our business. We are very thankful and consider the members of ABLE our family and will continue to trust them with our IT needs.

Jeff Migliore- RSCM, PC

Able Technology Partners have been instrumental in bringing Shamrock out of the Flintstone era and into the 20th century. Most of the employees at Shamrock are resistant to change so bringing this company up to speed is a daunting task, but with the help of Able, our employees have come along way. Able’s employees are extremely nice to work with and takes the time to explain the IT issues and how we need to proceed to fix them. Their prompt and efficient response to our issues has showed that you do not have to have an In-House IT person. Not to mention that the cost is a fraction of employing a full time IT person. Shamrock would not be able to afford that.

Able Technology Partners have made our company become a more efficiently run company. I cannot imagine Able not being in our lives, everyone of Able’s employees have treated us the same way. I cannot recall how many times Roy and Anthony have walked me through problems as well as Jeremy and Jon. Not enough can be said about how much we appreciate our relationship with Able including the Owners Brian and George, who have also responded promptly whenever we call for them for help with something. We are very happy and would not know what our company would do if it was not for them when we have had computer issues.

Peggy Titone – Shamrock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.